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Ch. 8 Cyber law


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1. What is the Internet Tax Freedom Act?

2. There are cases when taxes involving the internet occur. What are they? (there are 5)
1. Prohibits state and local governments from taxing internet service.

2. having an office in the state, having an employee who works in the state, owning or leasing property in the state, delivering merchandise in the state with vehicles owned by the internet seller, having an independent contractor present in the state for two or more dats each year for the purpose of establishing business contacts and sales.
What are the four main tort issues that arise in cyberspace commercial activity?
privacy, appropriation, trespass, and defamation
What is the Electronic Communications Privacy act of 1986?
prohibits the interception of "live" communications such as using a listening device to intercept a telephone conversation.
True or false. Employers must tell their employees that their emails are subject to review.
what is the tort of appropriation in Cyberspace?
taking an image, likeness, or name and then using it without permission for commercial advantage.
What is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act?
provides servors with limited liability for the infringement activities of its users. A requirement is that the server owner must make sure none of it's users are doing copyright infringement.
What is defamation?
someone writes or says something false that portrays a person in bad light and that what was written or said was heard or read by others and understood
What are business-to-business transactions?
direct contracts between manufacturers and customers.
What is the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-sign)?
a federal law that recognizes digital signatures as authentic for purposes of contract information. States are responsible for passing laws regulating the authenticity and security of signatures.
1. What is the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act?

2. What is the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act?
1. Uniform laws for states that provides the rule for formation of electronic contracts.

2. Uniform law that governs sales of software, databases, and other products used on computers.
What is domain registration?
public filing for ownership of the name for a website.
What is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN)? It approved the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. What is that?
1. Organization that registrs domain names for purposes of protection of those names as intellectual property.

2. Policy of ICANN that provides the means, timing, and rules for resolving disputes over domain names.
What is the Federal Trademark Dilution Act?
It permits a company whose name is harmed or diluted through its use by another to bring suit for injunctions and damages.
What is the Child Pornography Prevention Act?
made it a crime to knowingly sell, possess, or distribute child pornography on the web. However, US Supreme court ruled that the statute was both void for vagueness and violative of first amendment rights.
What is pump and dump?
this occurs when traders buy a certain stock and ten post information on the web to increase interest in it to drive up the price and hence their gain on that stock.

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