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Erikson's Stages 2


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First stage
Trust vs. Mistrust
Second stage
Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt
modes of second stage
retentive and eliminative
Third stage
Initiative vs. Guilt
aspects of intrusive mode (five)
1) running into people
2) asking questions constantly
3) being loud, screaming
4) invading spaces
5) unconscious conflicts
Fourth stage (school years)
Industry vs. Inferiority
Fifth stage (adolescence)
Indentity vs. Role Confusion
According to Marcia, crisis of adolescence is a period of what?
choosing between meaningful alternatives and showing commitment
Marcia's four types of "crisis" or alternatives of modes
1) identity diffusion
2) foreclosure
3) moratorium
4) achievement
Sixth stage (early adulthood)
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Stage of middle adulthood (seventh)
Generativity vs. Stagnation
Final stage
Integrity vs. Despair

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