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10.4 Vocab Psychology


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State characterized by physical arousal changes
Adaptive Behaviors
Actions that aid attempts to survive and adapt to changing emotions
Physiological Changes
Alterations in involuntary responses
Emotional Expression
Outward signs that is occuring
Emotional Feelings
Private experience of having an emotion
Primary Emotions
Basic emotions are fear, surprise, sadness.. etc. (Robert Plutchik Theory)
Low intensity; long lasting emotional state
Sympathetic Branch
Part of ANS that prepares the body in time of emergancy
Parasympathetic Branch
Part of ANS that ACTually CALMS the body in time of emergancy
Parasympathetic REBOUND
Exess activity the Parasympathetic Nervous System due to intense stress
Divice which records heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and galvanic skin responce
Control Questions
A question that almost always provoke anxiety (during a Polygraph Exam)

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