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clinical patholgy


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Which is hypertonic muscle might result in rotation of the IIlium causing functional short leg?
Chronic imflammation and fibrosis of the rotator cuff muscular could result in:
frozen shoulder
Because of their lack of vascularity the following tissue is known to heal quite slowly
fibrous connective
Inflammation of the bladder, most commonly caused by the presence of a pathogenic bacteria and leading o frequent urination is called
Warts are benign neoplasm that are due to infection by this contagius organism
Inflamation of the appendix might present with pain in the:
lower right quadrant
Wasting of an organ or tissue from non use is known
The state or condition in which the body or part of it are invaded by a pathogenic agent the multiplies and causes cellular injury is known as;
Inflammation is characterized by;
pain- heat- redness- swelling
A joint injury in which some of the fibers of the supporting ligaments are damaged is known as
The abnormal joining together of tissues after inflammation is known as;
Abnormal extreme posterior curvature of the Thoracic Spine is commonly known as
Soreness, numbness, and weakness of the hand due to compression of the Median nerve at the Flexor Retinaculum and Transverse Carpal Ligament is referred as
Carpal Tunnel
The chronic disease of the liver characterized by the formation of dense connective tissue resulting in loss of function and increases resistance of blood flow is:
A condition caused by a break or leak in a blood vessel resulting in a swelling and acculmulation of blood within a organ, tissue or space is known as:
A partial or imcomplete dislocation of a bone at an articulation is a
A decrease in blood flow to a tissue or organ resulting in a impairment of a cell functionor in cell death is known as
An imflammatory disease of the skin involving sebacceous glands and hair follicles and characterized by comedones, papules and pustules is known as:
Protrusion of the stomach into the mediastinal cavity above the diaphram is:
Hiatal hernia
A chronic degenerative jointjoint disease charaterized by deterioration of articular cartilage, overgrowth of bone and impaired function is know as
This disease which is common among the elderly and is marked by the loss of bone mass and subsequent strenght
The fungal infection of the skin which is characterized by whitish or fawn-colored irregular shaped patches is known as
tinea versicolor
Peripheral neuropathy and decreased aterial circulation in the extremities is associated with this degenerative disease
A blood-clot, which has recently formed in a varicose vein and is still stationary is known as:
The weakening of the muscular portion of an artery that causes the vessel to dilate abnormally and potentially to rupture is:
Your client has had a subacute ankle sprain, what is the best stroke to facilitate recovery of this type of injury?
Transverse friction
Your client has Psoriasis on his back. He desires a full body massage- what is the most appropriate coarse of action?
Complete the massage, but avoid the affected area.
Your client explains that they have been diagnosed with Phlebitis. What ist he best response?
Explain that you need to consult with doctor prior to massage
Which of the folowing conditions are contraindicated for massage?
abnormal lumps, fever, inflammation
You suspect that your client has impetigo. What should you do?
Explain and reschedule appointment for after doctor consultation
YOur client has chronic low back problems. While prone she complains of pain in the low back area. What should you do first?
Place pillow under her abdomen
Your client comes in qwith extremely painful whiplash. He was in an auto accident yesterda, his neck is very stiff and sore. He thinks massage will help. What is your best coarse of action?
Refer and reschedule the massage after his consulting with physician.
Kinesiology is the study of:
bodyment and the relationship of groups of muscles and their movement.
When massaging the anterior neck, what structure should be avoided?
Carotid atery- Internal jugular vein-Vaugus nerve
The term Mentastics and hook-up are terms used in
When massaging adductor Longus, and Sartorious, what structures are to be avoided?
Femoral Triangle
A new client does not wnat to complete your intake questionaire. What is the first thing you should do?
Continue to ask questions, if the client gives you the necessary info, procede with massage.
Your client us lying in the supine position and complains of low back pain. WHat should you do first?
place pillows under the knees
Relaxation of contracted muscles following massage can best be explained by
The affect on nerve impluses involved in resetting muscle tone.
Your client has a dark mole on backm you have noticed a sudden change in appearance and size. What should you do?
Let client know of the change, reffer to doctor to be on the safe side, and avoid immediate area.
Your client has varicose veins. Which would be a incorrect statement?
Its OK to massage the area is you use very light gliding strokes
Range of motion is best determined by
Joint movement assestments
The mechanical effects of massage include:
Disruption of adhesions adn stretching the muscle
A therapist should be concerned with personal hygiene at all time. The most important hygene habit is
Clean hands and nails
The primary goal of post-event sports massage is to
Re-establish circulation which aids in recovery from negative affects of activity
Massage would be indicated for:
Post- acute bursitis
Massage affects the body in a number of ways. What is a incorrect statement
Massage breaks up and reduces cellulite
The most widely recognized physiology effect of massage is:
Increase in blood and lymph circulation
Your client complains of muscle cramp in her gastrocnemius. What would be the most useful treatment?
Reciprocal Inhibition stretching technique
Delayed muscle soreness can result from sporadic exercise activites. what is a incorrect statement?
Massage removes lactic acid build up
All soft tissue is controlled by
Nervous system
Before massaging, the physicians recommendation is extremely important in certain conditions which include:
Circulatio problems, cancer , herniated discs
Tapotment should not be used over the:
Upper lumbar, inferior to ribs
When massaging an injured limb, should start
proximal to the injury
When massaging upper extremities, you should avoid what areas?
Cubitalarea of elbow, medial brachium, ulnar notch

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