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AP NSL Chapter 11


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franking privilage
the ability of members of congress to mail letters to their constituents free of change by signing the postage
cloture rule
a rule used by the Senate to end or limit debate
the minimum number of members who must be present for buisness to be conducted
Christmas Tree Bill
when a bill has lots of riders
an attempt to defeat a bill in the senate by talking indefinitely preventing the senate from taking action on the bill
President pro-tempore
member with greates seniority of majority house in the senate
presiding officer in the absence of the vice president
Speaker of the House
decides who speaks
decides weather a motion is revelent to the buisness at hand
decides the committees to which new bills will be assigned
influances what bills are brought up for vote
nominate majority party members
majority leader
chosen by senators of majority party
sceduals the business of the Senate
bicameral legislature
a lawmaking body made up of two chambers
concurrent resolution
an expression of congressional opinion w/o the force of law that requires the approval of both the house and Senate but not the President
pork barrel spending
legislation that gives tangible benifits to constituents in several districts or states in hope of winning votes in return.
standing committe
permanentily established legislative committees that are responsable for legislation within a certain subject area
majority-minority district
when they split up districts unequally making them represent different majorities and minorities
an ammendment on a matter unrelated to a bill that is added to the bill so that it will "ride" to passage through the congress.
"mark up"
the meeting of a committee held to review the text of a bill before reporting it out
veto override
the power for congress to override a presidential veto w/ a 2/3 majority vote in the house and senate
revenue bills
bills about taxing
someone who elects another as their agent or representative
general accountability office
controversial form of redistricting where boundaries are manipulated for an electoral advantage.
a subordinate committee composed of members appointed from a main committee
congressional oversight
members of congress who monitor executive brance activities
obtaining information about every member of a population
House Rules Committee
in charge of determining what rule other bills will come to the floor
malapportionment/ reapportionment
the process of determining representation in politics within a legislative body by creating constituencies
open rule
order from house rules committee that permits a bill to be amended on the legislative floor
closed rule
an order from the house rules committee that sets a time limit on debate and forbids a particular bill from being amended on the legislative floor
safe districts
districts in which incumbents winby margins of 55% or more
marginal districts
political districts in which candidates elected to the house of representatives win in close election
minority leader
chosen by senators of minority party
party whip
assists the leader
rounds up votes
congressional caucus
an association of members of congress created to advocate a political ideology or regional ethnic or economic intrest
conference committee
committees where both representatives and senators serve
discharge petition
a device by which any member of the house, after a committee has had a bill for 30 days, can petition to have it brought to the floor

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