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American History (1301) Chapter 1


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What are some facts about Henry VIII
Wanted to anull his marriage, pope said no, he broke away from pope, created Anglican Church, major cause of the protestant religion, created stronger financial state, which led to creation of companies comprised of pools of money grouped together.
Who were the Sea Dogs?
Sea Dogs were a group of men mainly led by Captain Francs Drake in 1577 who were ordered to harass the Spanish ships which carried gold from the New World.
Why couldn't Spain keep England out of the New World?
Because the Spanish Armada had been crushed and they didnt have the ships needed to prevent England from sailing to the New World.
What was the direct motive of the London Company in founding Jamestown?
Thier major motive was not colonization, but rather the pursuit of Gold and Silver.
What were some of the problems in early Jamestown?
The first people there were not skilled at living off the earth, they were gentlemen who had never done labor before. So this caused there to be an extreme food shortage, as well as a lack of any social structure.
What were some of the population trends in Jamestown (1606-1625)?
The original colony started out with about 100 people, about half of them died the first year, a man named John Smith convinced the company to send better skilled people over. By 1622 2000 of the 6000 people that came over there (over a period of time) were left. By 1625, only 1300 had survived.
What was the initial reaction of the Powhatan Indians to the Virginia colonists?
Their first reaction was kindness, but the colonists took advantage of them and killed them.
What strongly contributed to the success of the Virginia colony?
The growth and sale of tobacco.
What was the Mayflower Compact?
Pilgrims set out from Plymouth England in 1620 to have their own place to settle. Before the landed, they realized that the place they were "supposed" to go, was not where they were. Rather than deal with bad weather and cold, they decided to land. Before they landed, they realized they were on their own, outside of any juristiction and made a Compact which declared they were seperate from all legal bindings.
Who was Squanto?
He was an Indian who had been captured, imprisioned in Europe, escaped, and made his way back to the New World. When the Pilgrims landed, they came across them and he was kind and taught them how to survive in the New World. Strange enough he knew English too!

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