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Ch.9 Microbiology


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Most of the fungi grow optimally between the pH,
a. 9.0-10.0
b. 4.0-5.0
c. 5.0-6.0
d. 7.0-8.0
2. Microorganisms grow at the highest rate during,
a. Stationary phase
b. Log phase
c. Lag phase
d. Death phase
Log phase
Which one of the following temperature can kill mesophile?
a. -50ï‚°C
b. 9ï‚°C
c. 60ï‚°C
d. 0ï‚°C
The term trace elements refers to,
a. vitamins
b. The elements CNHOPS
c. Nitrogen, Phosphorus
d. Small mineral requirements
Small mineral requirements
The autotrophs are the organisms which,
a. Utilize CO2 as carbon source
b. Utilize organic source of carbon
c. Utilize chemicals as energy source.
d. Both a and b.
Utilize CO2 as carbon source
Most bacteria grow between the pH,
a. 9.0-10.0
b. 4.0-5.0
c. 5.0-6.0
d. 6.0-8.0
d. 6.0-8.0
7. High salt concentration kills bacteria by causing,
a. Osmolysis
b. Plasmolysis
c. Affecting respiration
d. Changing pH
a. Osmolysis
Which one of the following is the indirect way of measuring growth?
a. Turbidity
b. Plate count
c. Filtration
d. Microscopic count
a. Turbidity
Growth of anaerobic bacteria is inhibited by,
a. Nitrogen
b. Sugar
c. Sulfur
d. Molecular oxygen
Molecular oxygen
Thermophiles grow between the temperature range,
a. –10C to 20C
b. 40ï‚°C to 72ï‚°C
c. 10ï‚°C to 50ï‚°C
d. 0ï‚°C to 30ï‚°C
b. 40ï‚°C to 72ï‚°C

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