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Cranial Opening and its Contents


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Openings of Anterior Cranial Fossa
(1) Foramen caecum (2) Olfactory foramina in Cribiform Plate
Openings of Middle Cranial Fossa
(1) Optic Canal (2) Superior Orbital Fissure (3) Foramen Rotundum (4) Foramen Ovale (5) Foramen Lacerum (6) Foramen Spinosum (7) Hiatus of Greater Petrosal N.
Openings of Posterior Cranial Fossa
(1) Internal Acoustic Meatus (2) Jugular Foramen (3) Foramen Magnum (4) Hypoglossal Canal
Contents of Foramen Caecum
Emissary Vein
Contents of Olfactory foramnia of Cribiform Plate
Olfactory N (CN I)
Contents of Optic Canal
(1) Optic N (CNII) (2) Ophthalmic arteries
Contents of Superior Orbital Fissure
(1) CN III (2) CN IV (3) CN V-1 (4) CN VI (5) Ophthalmic Veins
Contents of Foramen Rotundum
CN V-2 : Maxillary N.
Contents of Foramen Ovale
(1) CN V-3: Mandibular N. (2) Accessory Meningeal Artery
Contents of Foramen Spinosum
(1) Middle Meningeal Artery (2) Middle Meningeal Veins (3) Meningeal branch of V-3
Contents of Foramen Lacerum
Internal Carotid artery (passes by, does not go through)
Contents of Hiatus Greater Petrosal
(1) Greater Petrosal N. (2) Petrosal branch of Middle Meningeal Artery
Contents of Internal Acoustic Meatus
(1) CN VII (2) CN VII (3) Labyrinthine Vessels
Contents of Jugular Foramen
(1) CN IX (2) CN X (3) CN IX (4) Superior bulb of internal jugular vein (5) Inferior Petrosal Sinus (6) Sigmoid Sinus
Contents of Foramen Magnum
(1) Medulla and Meninges (2) Vertebral arteries (3) Spinal Roots of CN XI (4) Dural Veins (5) Anterior and Posterior Spinal Arteries
Contents of Hypoglossal Canal

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