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American Government Chapters 5 and 6 Test


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How long is a Congressional term?
2 Years
How many members are in the House of Representatives?
How long is the term of a Representative?
2 Years
How many districts does South Dakota have?
What is gerrymandering?
Drawing district lines and cheat. Albridge Gerry (Mass.) started it.
What is "Cracking and Packing?"
Packing)- Put all your representation into 1 district. (ie: All republicans in 1 district; Add democrats in the rest.)(Cracking) Putting all the opposition into separate districts so they don’t have a chance at winning.
List 2 qualifications of being the Senate.
One must be a state citizen for 9 years and must be at least 30 years old.
What is a censure?
A vote of formal disapproval.
What are 4 of the 6 purposes for leadership in the House?
Organize parties and communitcating with the president.
What do the Majority and Minority whips do?
Make sure people will be there to vote. They do all the behind the scenes work.

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