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mibrobio 2nd exam


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why do cells need macro and micro nutrients?
to carry out metabolism
(macronutrients are used to build cell constituents and some are involved in protein. micronutients only needed in small amounts but are critical ex. coenzymes)
name some macronutrients and some micro nutrients
macronutrients - P,O,N,K,C,Ca,Na,Mg

micronutrients - B,Cr,Co,Cu,Fe,Mn,Mo,Ni,Se,Zn
what do you need to do to grow microbes in lab?
you need to provide the microogranisms w/ conditions that allow growth. macro + micro nutrients provided in media.

you also can add nutrients and vitamins or cofactors that synthesized by that microbe. If the mibrobe is not an autotroph then you have to add carbon source
name the 2 types of media
defined and complex
define a defined media
everything in the media and amount of everything is known.

recipe ex. 1g NaCO3
2g KNOs
.003g Na molybdase
define a complex media
when you dont know exactly what in the media

recipe ex. 1 liter dH2O
1gm yeast extract
what is agar usually made of?
name properties of agar
melts at 100degrees celsius
solidifies at 45 degrees celsius
how do microbes grow?
by binary fission
what is the generation time?
the 'doubling time', the time it takes for binary fission to occur

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