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Muscles of Respiration- Inspiration


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O: crus, caudal margins of R8-10 medially on costal and chondral portions, xiphoid process, arcuate ligaments on transverse process of L1
I: central tendon
L: draws central tendon down caudally to increase the vertical dimension of the thorax
M: C3-C5
Ext. Intercostals
O: caudal margin of rib above
I: rostral margin of rib below
L: flex rostral and lateral to caudal and medial to oppose action of internal intercostals
M: T2-T12
Int. Intercostals Intercartilaginous
O: caudal margin of rib above
I: rostral margin of rib below
L: flex ribs rostrally, oppose ext. intercostals
M: T2- T12
Costal Elevators
O: transverse processes of C6-T10
I: rostral side of dorsal side of R1-R12
L: lateral and caudal to medial and rostral to elevate the ribs
M: T2-T12
Serratus Post. Superior
O: C7-T3 spinous processes
I: R2-R5 on the dorsal surface of rib as far out as the angle
L:Medial and rostral to lateral and caudal to flex the ribs rostrally
M: T1-T4/5
O: manubrium, clavicle medially and rostrally
I: caudal surface of mastoid process
L: rostral and lateral to elevate sternum
M: XI (+C1-C4)
O: transverse processes of C2-C7
I: R1-R2 rostrally and far laterally
L: caudal and lateral to rostral and medial to elevate and fix the upper ribs
M: C3-C8
O: rostral side of spine of scapula, to acromion, and around to rostral side of the clavicle
I: caudal occipital bone, spinous processes of C7-T12
L: laterally and rostrally toward the scapula to elevate rib cage dorsally
M:XI (+C1-C4)
Pectoralis Major?
O: medial area of the clavicle, sternum, and R1-R6
I: ventral, superficial humerus' rostral tubercle
L: laterally to elevate the ribs
M: C5-C8 + T1
Pectoralis Minor?
O: medial side of coracoid process
I: R3-R5 rostrally
L: rostrally to elevate ribs
M: C5-C8 + T1
Serratus Anterior?
O: ventral medial border of scapula
I: ventral/ lateral side of R8-R9
L: expands ribs ventrally and laterally
M: C5-C7

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