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Commercial law 2


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Indiana Code
What happens if the conflict?
Laws passed by the general assembly
Laws that are passed by the Administrative Assembly
If they conflict Indiana code overrules the IAC
Prior court case in which courts find the appropriate legal rules in cases governed by common law.
Stare Decisis
standard for chooding and applying prior cases to decide present cases. it basically states that like cases should be decided alike
what does it mean when grants transfer
it means that real property from a grantor transfers to a grantee with or without payment.
federal question jurisdiction
when a case falls under the constitution, laws, or treaties of the united states.
part of a lawsuit that begins after the pleadings take place. each party is entitled to request info from the other party by utilizing deposition and interrogatories
an oral examination of the other party or a witness
written questions directed by the plaintiff to the defendant or vise versa
submission of a disput to a nuetral nonjudicial 3rd party who issues a binding decision resolving the dispute
a neutral 3rd party (mediator) helps the partys reach a cooperative resolution
commerce clause
indepentent check on state regulation that unduly restricts interstate commerce
takings clause
requires that when property is subjected to a governmental taking, the taking must be for public use and the property owner must recieve compensation
eminent domain
govment power where the govn't can take or condemn a private property for a public purpose on the payment of compensation.

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