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CIS Chp. 5


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continuous waves that transmit information by altering the amplitude and frequency of the waves
analog signal
web site that offers a single point of entry to an entire community of affiliated interests
affinity portal
data transmission technology that uses packet switching and allows for almost unlimited bandwidth on demand
asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
the main fiber-optic network that links the nodes of a network
backbone network
the range of frequencies available in a communications channel, stated in bits per second
communications channels that use electromagnetic media (the 'airwaves') to transmit data
broadcase (wireless) media
a communications processor that connects two networks of the same type
software applications through which users primarily access the web
communications channels that use physical wires or cables to transmit data and information
cable (wireline) media
a modem that operates over coaxial cable and offers high-speed acess to the internet or corporate intranets
cable modem
a virtual meeting place where groups of regulars come to "gab" electronically
chat room
computers, such as users' personal computers, that use any of the services provided by servers
form of distributed processing in which some machines (servers) perform computingfunctions for end-user PCs
client/server computing
insulated copper wire; used to carry high-speed data traffic and television signals
coaxial cable
mutual efforts by two or more individuals who perform activities in order to accomplish certain tasks
web sits that offers fairly routine content for diverse audiences; offers customization only at the user interface
commercial (public) portal
hardware devices that support data transmission and reception across a telecommunications system
communications processors
pathway for communicating data fron one location to another
communications channel
a system connection communications media, hardware, and software needed by two or more computer systems and/or devices
computer network
website that provides a signle point of access to critical business information located inside and outside of an organization
corporate portal
a private network that runs ont he internet but is open only to users who belong to it
a hierarchially organized collection of links to web pages, compiled manually; an example is Yahoo
a discrete pulse, either on or off, that conveys information in binary form
digital signal
a high-speed, digital data-transmission technology using existing analog telephone lines
digital subscriber line (DSL)
learning situations in which teachers and students do not meet face-to-face
distance learning (DL)
network architecture that divides processing work between two or more computers, linked together in a network
distributed processing
the name assigned to an internet site, consisting of multiple parts, separated by dots, which are translated from right to left
domain name
the system administered by the internet corporation for assigned names that assigns names to each site on the internet
domain name system (DNS)
learning supported by the web; can be done inside traditional classrooms or in virtual classrooms
interconnected multiple LANs and WANs
enterprise network
the most common network protocol
a network that connects parts of the intranets or different organizations
thousands of very thin filaments of glass fibers, surrounded by cladding that transmit information via light pulses generated by lasers
fiber-optic cable
a repository of various software and data files for the network, which determines who gets access to what and in what sequence
file server
a small secondary computer, dedicated solely to communication, that manages all routing communications with peripheral devices
front-end processor
a communications processor that connects dissimilar netowrks by translating from one set of protocols to another
software products that support groups of people who collaborate on a common task or goal and that provide a way for groups to share resources
a text and graphical screen display that welcomes users and describes the organization that has extrablished the page
home page
the communications standard used to transfer pages across the WWW portionof th einternet; defines how messages are formulated and transmitted
hypertext transport protocol (HTTP)
a web-based gateway to information and knowledge for an entire industry
industrywide portal
a high-speed technology that allows users to transfer voice, video, image, and data simulataneously, over existing telephone lines
integrated service digital network (ISDN)
the massive network that connects computer networks of businesses, organizations, government agencies, and schools around the world, quickly, seamlesslyo, and inexpensively
the internet
a new, faster telecommunications network with limited access, devoted excusively to research purposes
terminals for public internet access
internet kiosk
the set of rules used to send and receive packets from one machine to another over the internet
internet protocol (IP)
companies that provide internet connections for a fee
internet service providers (ISP)
the use of the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls
internet telephony (voice-over IP or VoIP)
a private network that uses internet software and TCP/IP protocols
an assigned address that uniquely identifies a computer on the internet
IP address
network that connects communications devices in a limited geographical region, so that every user device on the network can communicate with every other device
local area network (LAN)
a computer program that searches several engines at once and integrates the findings of the various search engines to answer queries posted by users
metasearch engine
website that is accessible from mobile devices
mobile protocol
device that converts signals from analog to digital and vice versa
electronic device that allows a single commmunications channel to carry data transmissions simulatneously from many sources
computers that act as exchange points for internet traffic and determine how traffic is routed
network access points (NAP)
hardware that specifies the data transmission rate, the size of message units, the addressing information attached to each message, and netowork topology
network interface card
a multiagency, US federal government research and development program that is developing revolutionary applications that require advanced networking
next-generation internet (NGI)
computing devices that are connected to a network, including the internet
data transmission technology that breaks up blocks of text into small, fixed bundles of data (packets) that are sent independently through the network
packet switching
a type of client/server distributied processing that allows two or more computers to pool their resources, making each computer both a clietn and a server
peer-to-peer processing
a web-based personalized gateway to information and knowledge that provides information from disparate information systems and the internet, using advanced search and indexing techniques
the set of rules and procedures governing transmission across a network
a communications processor that routes messages through several connected LANs or to a wide are network
a computer program that can contact other network resources on the internet, search for specific information by key words, and report the results; an example is google
search engine
a computer that provides access to various network services, such a printing, data, and communications

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