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Chapter 2 Test Guide


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Who discovered the exsitance of cells?
Robert Hooke
What are cilia and flagella made of?
What does impermeable mean? Are all bioligical membranes this?
cannot penatrate. no because materials need to get in and out
Name the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic?
Prokaryotic- * unicellular
* Organelles lacking membranes
* no true nucleus
Eukaryotic- * multicellular
* Organelles don't lack membrane
* Has a true nucleus
What structure regulates what enters and leaves the cell?
cell membrane
Who stated that cells arise from preexsiting cells?
Rudolf Virchow
What major contribution did Schleiden and Schwann do?
Schleiden- stated that plants have cells
Schwann- stated that animals too have cells
What are the three basic structures common to almost all cells?
*Cell membrane
What would one find inisde the nucleous?
What is the frame work refered to?
Define cell specialization.
Each cell has a specific job.
What does a membrane consist of?
Phospho lipidbilayer
What make up a cell wall?
What are the main differences between a plant cell and an animal cell?
Plant cell-
*cell wall
*HUGE vaculoes
Animal cell-
* centrioles
*tiny Vacuole
What is the function of the golgi apuratus?
ships, packages, scans protien and makes membranes
what organelle acts as a closet or storage area for the cell?
What is the any tiny structure that performes a specific function for a cell refered to?
What is the dirrerence between rough and smooth ER?
Smooth lack ribosomes and rough have ribosomes attached
What organelle is in charge of the entire cell?
WHat is the gel-like material that is between the nucleus and the cell?
what organelle makes the food for a plant cell? an animal cell?
Chloroplatst, mitochondria
What organelle is the "garbage man" of the cell? (that is it digestes waste)
WHat are we not one big cell?
because we have different cells for different jobs(cell specialization) and i we were one big cell we wouldn't be as sefficiant
which is the fundamental unit of life called?
where does protien synthisis takae place?

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