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Chemistry, Exam 2


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Binary ionic compound
When a formula has two elements, a metal and a nonmetal (ex: KCl)
~ suffix ending (ide)
Ternary ionic compound
when a formula has three elements and at least one metal (KCl03)
~suffix(s) end in -ate, or -ite
Binary molecular compound
when a formula has two nonmetal elements (HCl)
~suffix -ide
Binary acid
when a formula has H and a nonmetal in aqueous solution (HCl (aq))
~named hydro- plus nonmetal stem plus -ic acid. (hydrochloric acid)
Ternary oxyacid
When a formula has H, a nonmetal, and oxygen in aqueous solution (HCl03 (aq))
~nonmetal stem + -ic acid or
nonmetal stem + -ous acid.
Ionic compounds are composed of..
positive = cations
negative = anions
Active metals
Usually groups 1 and 2. React w/ water. Li>K>Ba>Sr>Ca>Na

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