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Fundamentals of Management Ch 1


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What is a specific skill?
A set of behaviors that explain over 50 percent of a managers effectiveness
A specific skill (1)
Controlling the organizations environment and its resources
A specific skill (2)
Organizing and coordinating
A specific skill (3)
Handling info
A specific skill (4)
Providing growth and development
A specific skill (5)
Motivating employees and handling conflicts
A specific skill (6)
Strategic problem solving
What is a management competency?
A cluster of knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to effective managerial performance
What is the Management Charter Initiative?
A comprehensive study based on an analysis of management activities and focusing on what effective managers should be able to do rather than on what they know
A MCI competency (1)
Initiate and implement change and improvement in services, products, and systems
A MCI compentency (2)
Monitor, maintain, and improve service and product delivery
A MCI compentency (3)
Monitor and control the use of resources
A MCI compentency (4)
Secure effective resource allocation for activities and profects
A MCI compentency (5)
Recruit and select personnel
A MCI compentency (6)
Develop teams, individuals, and self to enhance performance
A MCI compentency (7)
Plan, allocate, and evaluate work carried out by teams, individuals, and self
A MCI compentency (8)
Create, maintain, and enhance effective working relationships
A MCI compentency (9)
Seek, evaluate, and organize info for action
A MCI compentency (10)
Exchange info to solve problems and make decisions
A subject affecting management (1)
A subject affecting management (2)
A subject affecting management (3)
A subject affecting management (4)
Political Science
A subject affecting management (5)
A subject affecting management (6)

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