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British Literature Midterm


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author is unknown

c. 900-950

found in the Exeter Book
Riddles from the Exeter Book
author: Aldhelm of Malmesburv

7th century
The Wanderer
author is unknown

10th century

found in the Exeter Book
The Wife's Lament
author unknown

10th century

found in the Exeter Book
author: Christian poet; name unknown

1000 AD
Religious Literature
various authors: Bede, King Alfred the Great, and some saints
The Dream of the Rood
title: "The Dream of the Cross"

author is unknown

late 10th century
Caedmon's Hymn
author: The Venerable Bede


found in: "An Ecclesiastical History of the English People"
The Canterbury Tales
author: Geoffrey Chaucer


printer: 1476
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
author is unknown

York Play of the Crucifixion
author: possibly the York Realist

The Second Shepherds' Play
author: Wakefield Master

mid-15th century
Julian of Norwich
author: Julian


"Book of Showings"
Morte D'Arthur
author: Sir Thomas Malory

begun in 1450's
finished in 1470
Middle English Lyrics
works: The Cuckoo Song, Alison, My Lief is Faren in Londe, Western Wind, I Am of Ireland

possible authors: John Lyndgate and Hoccleve
What is he, this lordling, that cometh from the fight
author: Franciscan William Herebert

approx. 1300

part of Incarnation and Cricifixion Lyrics
Incarnation and Crucifixion Lyrics
works: Ye that Pasen by the Weye, Sunset on Calvary, I Sing of a Maiden, Adam Lay Bound, and The Corpus Christi Carol
Popular Ballads
author is unknown; collection by Child

17th century

works: Lord Randall, Bonny Barbara Allen, The Three Ravens, Sir Patrick Spens
Middle English Religious Verse
works: Wait a Litte (13th), When I See on the Cross (13th), A Winter Song (1300), I Have Labored Sore (15th), Wit Wonders (15th)
Vox Ultima Crucis
author: John Lydgate


part of the Middle English Religious verse

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