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51 - Wenham 28 - Exercise A


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For we are being saved  
Σωζομεθα γαρ  
by (the means of) hope  
τή ελπιδι  
by (the means of) the grace of God  
τή χαριτι του Θεου  
You (pl)are being raised  
by (the means of) the hands of the woman  
ταις χερσιν της γυναικος  
Let them be guarded [the children].  
Φυλασσεσθωσαν οί παιδες  
by the Greeks  
ύπο των Έλληνων  
Sent [the rulers] the soldiers by night.  
απεστειλαν οί αρχοντες τους στρατιωτας νυκτος.  
The same men therefore lifted up (took away) the image of Simon.  
οί αυτοι ουν ηραν την εικονα Σιμωνος.  
Will (do)they not remain in their land for ever?  
ου μενουσιν εν τή γή αυτων εις τον αιωνα;  
in the first month  
εν τώ πρωτώ μηνι  
you (s) took the fruit of the vineyard  
ελαβες τον καρπον του αμπελωνος  
for the wives of the other witnesses  
ταις γυναιξιν των αλλων μαρτυρων  
The blind father loved his daughter.  
ό τυφλος πατηρ εφιλει την θυγατερα αυτου  
Behold, O woman  
ιδε, ω γυναι  
the [of the heavens] stars bear witness to the Savior  
οί των ουρανων αστερες μαρτυρουσιν τώ Σωτηρι  
For you (s) will eat the flesh  
φαγη γαρ την σαρκα  
of the Son of man  
του υίου του ανθρωπου  
Her [he killed] with the feet  
αυτην απεκτεινεν τοις ποσιν  
of the image which fell  
της εικονος ή επεσεν  
in the middle of the sanctuary  
εν μεσώ του ναου  
the [But] reward is not reckoned according to grace.  
ό δε μισθος ου λογιζεται κατα ζαριν  
Therefore a man must leave his father and mother.  
διε ουν ανδρα καταλιπειν τον πατερα και την μητερα αυτου  
After died [his father] {articular infinitive, pg. 86}  
μετα το αποθανειν τον πατερα αυτου  
he dwelt in this land  
κατωκησεν εν τή γή ταυτή  

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