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44 - Wenham 26 - Verbs Extracted from A exercises


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the soldiers came  
οί στρατιωται ηλθον  
they announced that he had sent them (not πεμπω)  
απηγγειλαν ότι απεστειλεν αυτους  
will these men judge and kill  
ούτοι κρινουσιν και αποκτενουσιν;  
you (pl) will not remain  
ου μενειτε  
you (pl) will die  
the apostles sowed the word  
οί αποστολοι εσπειραν τον λογον  
they were willing to obey it (masc)  
ηθελον ύπακουειν αυτώ  
he lifted up the cross and came  
ηρεν τον σταυρον και ηλθεν  
the judges judged the unbelieving women  
οί κριται εκριναν τας απιστους  
I remained  
until he had read the book  
έως ανεγνω το βιβλιον  
can you (pl) drink the cup?  
δυνασθε πιειν το ποτηριον  
I must drink (it is necessary for me to drink)  
δει με Ϭιειν  
we remained  
while the workmen were building  
έως οί εργαται ωκοδομουν  
when they heard these things  
ότε ηκουσαν ταυτα  
they remained with (locative)her  
εμειναν παρ' αυτή  
you (s) were not even owing money  
ουδε ωφειλες αργυριον  
Jesus said  
ό Ιησους ειπεν  
Lift it up and depart! (s)  
αρον αυτο και ύπαγε  
when he heard these things  
ότε ηκουσεν ταυτα  
he lifted it up and departed  
ηρεν αυτο και ύπηγεν  
we sent the messengers (not πεμπω)  
απεστειλαμεν τους αγγελους  
the prophet said, "It is possible"  
ό προφητης ειπεν ότι Δυνατον εστιν  
he said that it was possible  
ειπεν ότι δυνατον εστιν  
you (pl) commanded them not to injure  
παρηγγειλατε αυτοις μη αδικησαι  
this we heard from (beside)him  
τουτο ηκουσαμεν παρ' αυτου  
we must (it is necessary for us) to love  
δει ήμας φιλειν  
the Pharisees were saying that he was eating  
οί Φαρισαιοι ελεγον ότι εσθιει  
you (s) will carry  
he will say these things to her  
ερει ταυtα αυτή  
they love one another  
φιλουσιν αλληλους  
you (s) learnt that the strong judge was coming  
εμαθες ότι ερχεται ό ισχυρος κριτης  
they said that they were drinking enough wine  
ειπαν ότι ίκανον οινον πινουσιν  
I knew that the Lord had sent (not αποστελλω)  
εγνων ότι ό Κυριος επεμψεν  
(in order) to save me  
εις το σωζειν με  
they saw that we had led  
ειδον ότι ηγαγομεν  

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