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38 - Wenham 26 - Building blocks for both sets of exercises


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to (into) the house (feminine form)  
εισ την οικιαν  
in this place  
εν τώ τοπώ  
in the land of your (pl) enemies  
εν τή γή των εχθρων ύμων  
in the hearts of the few  
εν ταισ καρδιαις των ολιγων  
at (in) that time  
εν εκεινώ τώ καιρώ  
in my own place until...  
εν τώ ιδιώ τοπώ έως  
in the temple while (until)  
εν τώ ίερώ έως  
from the widow  
παρα της χηρας  
with her  
παρ' αυτή  
to the (dative) tax collectors  
τοις τελωναις  
to the (dative) paralyzed man  
τώ παραλυτικώ  
(in)to thy house (masculine form)  
εις τον οικον σου  
the whole people (accus)  
όλον τον λαον  
from him  
παρ΄ αυτου  
with (beside) a sinner  
παρα άμαρτωλώ  
after me  
οπισω μου  
enough wine (accus)  
ίκανον οινον  
into the same synagogue  
εις την αυτην συναγωγην  
in the desert  
εν τή ερημώ  
with (beside)the prophet  
παρα τώ προφητή  
these words (accus)  
τους λογους τουτους  
in the house (fem. form) while (until)  
εν τή οικιά έως  
these widows (accus)  
τας χηρας ταυτας  
his right eye (accus)  
τον δεξιον οφθαλμον αυτου  
(in)to the village  
εις την κωμην  
in the hearts of the people  
εν ταις καρδιαις του λαου  
beside the temple  
παρα το ίερον  
with tax-collectors and sinners  
παρα τελωναις και άμαρτωλοις  
on the first day while...  
εν τή πρωτή ήμερά έως  

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