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35 - Wenham 24A - Extracted phrases


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They did not even pursue  
ουδε εδιωξαν  
They were leading away  
The lepers did believe  
οί λεπροι επιστευσαν  
You sent (sing.)  
Save the silver! (sing.)  
σωσον το αργυριον  
Save (sing.)your people (continuously)  
σωζε τον λαον σου  
We persuaded them  
επεισαμεν αυτους  
We cleansed ourselves  
εκαθαρισαμεν έαυτους  
The teacher himself wondered at  
ό διδασκαλος αυτος εθαυμασεν  
Do they wish to injure?  
βουλονται αδικησαι;  
Carry the other boat (sing.)  
βαστασον το έτερον πλοιον  
Sanctify yourselves (pl.)  
άγιασατε έαυτους  
The day of the Lord is drawing near  
ή ήμερα του Κυριου εγγιζει  
The voice of John cried out  
ή φωνη του Ιωανου εκραξεν  
Prepare (pl.) the way for the Lord  
έτοιμασατε την όδον τώ Κυριώ  
We kept the commandments  
ετηρησαμεν τας εντολας  
We heard  
Each one opened  
έκαστος ηνοιξεν  
The angels wished to see  
οί αγγελοι ηθελησαν βλεψαι  
They put on him  
ενεδυσαν αυτον  

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