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Anti-convulsants pharmacology


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What should pregnant women be on if on anti-convulsants?
folic acid supplement
Where are most AEDs metabolised?
What do Benzodiazepines do to GABA-mediated Cl- channels?
inc frequency of opening
What do barbiturates do to GABA-mediated Cl- channels?
prolong opening
What do barbiturates do to voltage-dependent sodium channels?
blocks them
What channel is associated iwth absence seizures?
t-type Ca currents
How does Gabapentin work?
GABA reuptake inhibitor
How does Tiagabine work?
GABA reuptake inhibitor
How does Phenytoin work?
Na blocker
How does Carbamazepine?
Na Blocker
How does oxcarbazepine?
Na Blocker, K channel augmentor
How does zonisamide work?
Ca channels T type
How does ethosuxamide work?
thru Ca channel T tyoe
How does Falbamate work?
thru Na channels
How does lamotrigine work?
Na Channels, maybe glutamate, maybe Ca
How does topiramate work?
inc frequency of GABA, Ca, Na
How does valproate work?
Inc GABA, Block Na, Augment K, Maybe T type Ca
Which drug causes erythemia multiforme?
What is Steven-Johnsons Synd?
Erythema multiforme with muscosal involvement due to phenytoin
What are the ADR of Carbamazepine?
hyponaturemia and agranulocytosis
Which drug is autostimulatory of its metabolism?
What are the ADR of phenobarbital?
CNS sedation, rash, tolerance, addiction
What is primidone?
a barbituate
How does primidone work?
thru prolonging GABA mediate Ca channels
Which drug causes paradoxycal hyperexcitability in children?
Which drug causes a potentially life-threatening dermatitis?
Which drugs stim CYP enzymes?
Barbiturates, phenytoin, carbamazepine
Which drugs both inhibit and stim CYP enzymes?
oxcarbazepine, felbamate, topiramate
Which drug inhibits P450s?
Which two drugs cause aplastic anemia?
felbamate, carbamazepine

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