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NB test 1


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What are the characteristics of CSF?
*derived from plasma
*isoosmotic with blood
*contains virtually no cells
*contains no protein
*rapid turnover
*clearance medium and shock absorber
What is the function of the blood-brain barrier?
providesa way for nutrients but not waste products to enter CSF
What are the fuctions of CSF?
*remove waste products
*shock absorber
*provides a homestatic enviroment for the brain
*prevents the brain from hitting bone during movement
What are the characteristics of a frontal lobe lesion?
*Marked changes in personality
*problems with initative
*easily irritable, angry
What were some side effects of frontal lobotomies?
*concentration impaired
*decrease in initative
*decrese in short term memory
*decrease in inhibitions
What are the characteristics of a temporal lobe lesion?
*disturbance in auditory perception/senesation
*selective attention impaired to auditory/visulal stimuli
*distubance in language perception
*altered sex behavior
*altered personality
*impairment in memory
What is associated with the damage of the basal ganglia?
uncontrolled movements
What are the functions of the basal ganglia?
*programming over voluntary movement
*role in cognition, recieve input for entire cortex
*first output to frontal lobe
What are the 3 major functions of the thalamus?
What are the functions of the hypothalamus?
regulation of arousal, autonomic functions, and endocrine regulation
What is the fuction of the cerebral peduncles?
motor control of skeletal muscle
What are the 3 major functions of the cerebellum?
*input realted to the position of the body in space
*patterns of muscle movement
*control of muscle tone
What is membrane potential?
the electrical difference across the membrane
What factors detirmine resting membrane potential?
*chemical factors
*membrane properties
*electrical factors
*ionic pumps
What is an absolute refractory period?
can't induce a second action potential regardless of stimulus
What is a relative refractory period?
a second action potential can be induced witha strong enough stimulation
What does tetrodotoxin do?
blocks voltage gated Na+ channels
Which subuint of the voltage gated channel contains the pore?
Which segement is the voltage sensor?
What is the selectivity filter of the voltage gated channel?
P region that connects S5 and S6

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