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6th Cell Theory


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Structure that lets substances in and out of the cell. It encloses the cell.
cell membrane
part of the cell that controls the activities of the cell
Process of cell when the cell divides into two
process of substance moving from an area of greater concentration to an area of lesser concentration
What are the 3 main points of the Cell Theory?
1. Cells are the basic units of structure.
2. All life processes are carried out by cells.
3. New cells are produced from existing cells.
The cell process used to make food from light energy is called
The process to maintain the balance of water inside and outside of a cell is
is found only in plant cells. It is stiff and gives a rigid (firm) shape to the cell.
Cell wall
TRUE / FALSE: Human cells only need to do photosynthesis during the winter.
nuclear membrane
allows substances to move in and out of the nucleus
cell membrane
holds the cell together and allows substances to pass in and out of the cell
Structures inside the nucleus that are made up of genes.
How many times is an object magnified at 4X?
40 times magnification
How many times is an object magnified at 10X?
100 times magnification
The difference between a plant cell and an animal cell--
Animal cells do not do photosynthesis.
What process maintains the balance of water inside and outside of a cell?
The specialization of cells is called
cell differentiation

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