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Pattern of change that begins at conception and continues throughout the life span. Usually involves growth, also includes maintenance and possible decline.
Characteristices of development
-involves growth, maintenance and regulation
Contects of Development
-socioeconomic Status (SES)
Other Contextual factors
Normative age-graded (E.g puberty)
normative histroy graded (E.g the great depression)
non normative (death of parent)
Developmental Processes
Biological (physical nature)
Cognitive (thought)
Socioemotional (relationships)
Periods of development
Prenatal Period (conception-birth)
Infancy (birth-2)
Early childhood (2-6)
Middle/Late Childhood (6-11)
Adolescence (12-18ish)
Chronological Age
# of years that have elapsed since birth
Biological Age
biological health (functional capacities)
Psychological Age
adaptive capacities (compared to cohort)
Social Age
social roles and expectations
subjective age
how old you "feel"
a plausable or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offer to explain phenomena
Sigmund Freud Theory
Psychosexual Theory
Erik Erikson Theory
Psychosocial Theory
Jean Piaget Theory
Cognitive Development Theory
Psychosexual Stages
-Oral Stage
-Anal Stage
-Phallic Stage
-Latency Stage
-Genital Stage
Psychosocal Stages
-Trust v. Mistrust
-Autonomy v. Shame/Doubt
-Initiative v. Guilt
-industry v. inferiority
-identity v. Ident confusion
-intimacy v. isolation
-generativity v. stagnation
-integrity v. despair
Congitive Development Stages
-sensorimotor stage
-preoperational stage
-concrete operational stage
-formal operational stage
Lev Vygotsky Theory
Socioemotional Cognitive Theory
Albert Bandura Theory
Social Cognitive theory
Konrad Lorenz Theory
Ethological Theory
Urie Bronfenbrenner Theory
Ecological Theory
Behaviorial Theorists believed
we can study only what can be directly observed and measured
3 Behavioral Theorists
-Ivan Pavlov (dog)
-John Watson (baby)
-B.F. Skinner (skinner box)
5 Environmental Systems
-Microsystem (fam/parents)
-Mesosystem (workplace/home)
-Exosystem (religious/educ)
-Macrosystem (dom beliefs)
-Chronosystem (time/you)

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