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People's History - Exam 1


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Yellow-Dog Contracts
- Said "Not allowed to join union"
- Women weavers striking
Farmer's Alliances
- Organized US farmers
- Core of Populist movement
- Nationalization
- Wanted sub-treasury
- Bulking
Eugene V. Debs
- Founder of:
- Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
- American Railway Union
Pullman Strike
- 50,000 workers
- Wages not increased
- Eugene Debs - Boycott all Pullman cars
- 2,000 state troops break it
Pinkerton Army
- Homestead strike
- Surrendered
- Rent-a-cops
Homestead Strike
- Pittsburgh
- Carnegie got Frick to make strike by creating large inventories
- Pinkerton Army (surrendered)
- State Militia won after
Haymarket Square (Riot)
- Wanted 8 hour day
- McCormick calls police
- Police die in explosion
- May Day
Samuel Gompers
- Founded AFC
- Socialist
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
- limited membership to workers and organizatonsof union workers
- Reped skilled workers
Knights of Labor
- Grouped workers by inudstry, regardless of trade or skill
- Got 8 hour day
- Arbitrition rather than strikes
- Ended child labor
Bassemer Process
- Fast way of producing iron
- Management being able to control every detail of production
- New auto industry
Federick W. Taylor
- Analyzed every job in mill
- Made system for efficent labor
- Increased mechanization
- Book: Scientific Management
Thomas Edison
- Inventor
- Promised Jersey politicians 1,000 for favorable legislation
Kelly Converter
Steel Converter
- Standard Oil, US Steel, Pennsylvania Railroad
- Benefit from "welfare state"
- Made sure senators passed tarrifs
Refrigerated Cars
- McCormick could transport meats
- (Or) Meats in general could be processed
Horatio Alger
- Useful myth for control
- Said that if you worked hard enough, you would make it
Vertical Integration
- Investing in mines, cole, railroads (all business in those industries)
Horizontal Integration
Social Darwinism
- Survival of fittest
- Carnegie & Elites justified wealth because they felt they were fit
- leads to a "national suffering"
Andrew Carnegie
- Leading steel producer
- Wrote "Gospel of Wealth"
Gospel of Wealth
- Carnegie's apology
- Encouraged people to give back thier wealth
Eminent Domain
- Used to take farmer's land and give it to canal or railroad companies as subsidies
- Workers of different minorities
- Subsitutes
- Worked cheaper
- For causing racial or ethnic conflict
Molly Maguires
- Irish strikers
- Heavy on violence
League of Nations
- Part of the Treaty of Versailes
- Part didn't want it because it made the constitution NOT supreme
- US did not join after WWI
Sedition Act
- Illegal to mutter any language against war in Europe
- Socialst against war; thrown in jail
- Wobblies too
- Germans invented
- Part of technology for WWI
Granger Movement
- Farmers banding together
- Wanted state regulation
- Grain Silos, storage
- A cooperative local movement
Populists Party
- People's party
- Scarred the government because they started winning seats at every level of gov
- James Weaver
Article X
New multi lateral nations
- league could act as a last resort
- League of Nations
Woodwrow Wilson
- President during WWI
- Proposed Treaty of Versailes
- Wanted to keep neutral in war
Sussex Pledge
- Gets Germans to promise not to sink anymore ships
- Germans step back to protect civilian life
- Germans blown away (taken advantage of)
Treaty of Versailles
- Treaty to tie US into League of Nations
- Rejected because it would subvert constitution
Sherman Act
- Gov action to limit monopolies
Hellen Keller
Alfred Thayer Mahan
- Knew that if US wanted empire, they had to control seas
- Proposed water way through continent
William Randolf Hurst
- Inserted funny pages
- Yellow Kid
- Sends persn to Cuba to get pics
Joseph Pullitzer
- Makes up war stories to sell papers
- Sensationalist media
Yellow Kid
- Part of funny papers
- Poked fun at stuff going on in country
Yellow Journalism
- Scandal mongering, jingoism
- Sensationalist
- Used by Pulitzer and Hearst
Margaret Sanger
- Progressive
- Birth control advocate
Upton Sinclair
- Wrote "The Jungle"
- Book caused publc uproar and got Meat Inspection Act
Meat Inspection Act
- Meat companies asked Congress to pass this to quiet socialists
- Didn't really check meat
Carrie Nation
- Attacked saloons with a hatched
- Against alcohol
- For Temperance Movement
Proclamation of Neutrality
- Progressive language
- Woodwrow Wilson
- Treaty to keep US out of war
- chance to end imperalism
- "A Peace without victory"
- "A War To End All Wars"
- Moral High Ground
Temperance Movement
- Against alcohol consumption
- Carrie Nation
William Taft
- Graduated income tax
- Senators elected by popular vote
Amendment 16
Graduated income tax
Amendment 17
Senators elected by popular vote
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Gurantees right for women to vote
Amendment 20
- Starting and ending terms for President
Amendment 21
- Ended Prohibition
American Luberty League
- Defend and uphold constitution
- Foster the right to work, earn, save, and acquire property
American Protective League
- Federal police and bereau of investigation in support of the anti German empire and against anti-war citizens
War Guilt Clause
- Clause in Treaty of Versalies
- Said Germany had to take full responsiblity for starting WWI
Triple Alliance
- Treaty for Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy to support one another in war
Triple Entente
- Britian, France, Russia
- Opposed central powers during WWI
Westinghouse Airbrakes
- Got rid of break man
- Theme of techonology
16 to 1
16 ounces of gold to 1 silver
Terence Powderly
Leader of Knights of Labor
DeLome Letter
Letter inted to be sent to Spanish, intercepted by media -- criticized McKinley
Christopher Sholes
Invented typewriter
Christian Temperence union - prohibition
Settlement Movement
Movement to improve conditions in society-- to eliminate poverty -- Jane Adams
L Frank Baum
Writer of The Wizard of Oz
Coxey's Army
- Protest march to Washington
- Coxey arrested for walking on grass
- Moderate change
- lip service to issues
Northern Securities
- Railroad conglomerate
- Vicitm of Roosevelt's trustbusting
Anthracite Coal Strike
- Long coal strike
- Roosevelt attempting to mediate with the Square Deal
Federal Reserve Act
created the Federal Reserve System which was the central bank for America
Pure Food and Drug Act
Federal inspection of food
- Companies pushed for it
Germans torpedoed it
- Provoked protest from Americans
Teller Amendment
joint resolution that led to the Spanish-American war
William Prager
- Applied to army, laughed out

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