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A Beka 5th Health Quiz 1


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What are antibodies
They fight diseases and it's found in the blood
What are Veins?
Veins collect the blood from the capillaries and return to the heart
What is a Scab?
A blood clot on the skin
What carries oxygen?
Red blood cells carries go to the lungs then it gets absorbedthen carries oxygen to each part of the body.
What are Platelets?
Platelets clot blood
What is arteries?
Arteries carry blood away from the heart
What is the Cardiac Muscle?
It is the heart
How does oxygen move through the body?
Red blood cells absorb oxygen in the lungs and carry it throughout your body
upper vena cava
A. top left
B. top middle
pulmonary artery
C. top right
left atrium
D. right
left ventricle
E. right lower
right ventricle
F. left lower
right atrium
G. left tube

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