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Cognitive Psychology Object Files, Mitroff et al


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What is cohesion?
an object must always maintian a single bounded contour
Do OSPB persist through cohesion violations?
Not fully
What is a low-level visual feature?
colors, size, shape
"it's red"
What is a higher-level object type?
object identification
"it's a duck"
What is an object file?
A midlevel visual representation that "sticks" to a moving object over time on the basis of spatiotemporal properties and stores (and updates) information about that object's properties
What is an object-specific preview benefit?
Faster to name final letter when its on the same object that it was initially
What is the object-reviewing paradigm?
Number of objects shown, letters on two; objects move, then a letter appears on one of the objects, must name that letter
What are three possible outcomes of splitting a moving object into two?
1) Obliterate object file's contents
2) Survive the splitting intact, but stay bound to only one of the two objects
3) Be "copied" to both of the two resulting objects
How did the trials begin?
Two circles presented as black outlines on a white background, on which a letter soon appeared
What is the splitting condition?
One gradually split into two identical circle, one moving upward and one moving downward
What is the trajectory-change condition?
One followed one of the upward or downward paths from the splitting condition
What was the purpose of the trajectory-change condition?
A control
What change did Mitroff et al make from the object-reviewing paradigm?
Press key to indicate one of two options: target letter was same as a preview letter or it was different
What is a no-match trial?
Target letter did not appear in either of the original circles.
What is a match trial?
Target letter apears in one of the original circles
What is a congruent match trial?
Target letter same as preview letter that initially appeared on that circle
What is an incongruent match trial?
Target letter same as preview letter that initially appeared on the OTHER initial circle
Did the condition affect the accuracy?
no (means that people do not have a harder time identifying a split)
What was the displaywide priming effect?
Responses on no-match trials were significantly slower than responses on either types of match trials
How was the OSPB defined?
As the difference between congruent-match and incongruent-match trials
What OSPBs were most adversely affected by the changes?
The upward and downward split
What is the conclusion of this experiment?
That the maintenance of object files of adult visual cognition is constrained by a principle of cohesion
What are the two interpertations of results?
1) Survived splitting, but went with only one of the objects
2) Split in half, strength halved
Which interpretation is more likely?
Split in half, strength halved-- no bimodality in the data

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