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Medical 10-Schizophrenia-SE of Antipsychotic Meds and Nursing Interventions-Vide


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Administer meds as ordered; assess for effectiveness; reassure client if frightented
dystonic reactions
Assess using tool such as AIMS; report occurrence or score increase to physician
tardive dyskinesia
Stop all antipsychotic medications; notify physician immediately
neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Administer medications as ordered; assess for effectiveness.
Administer meds as ordered; assess for effectiveness
extrapyramidal side effects or neuroleptic-induced parkinsonism
Stop medication; notify physician; protect client from injury during seizure; provide reassurance and privacy for client after seizure
Caution about activities requiring client to be fully alert such as driving a car.
Caution client to avoid sun exposure; advise client when in the sun, to wear protective clothing and sun-blocking lotion
Encourage balanced diet with controlled portions and regular exercise; focus on minimizing gain
weight gain
Use ice chips or hard candy for relief.
dry mouth
Name anticholinergic symptoms. (5)
dry mouth
blurred vision
urinary retention
orthostatic hypotension
Use ice chips or hard candy for relief
dry mouth
Assess side effect, which should improve with time; report to physician if no improvement
blurred vision
Increase fluid and dietary fiber intake; client may need a stool softener if unrelieved
Instruct client to report any frequency or burning with urination; report to physician if no improvement over time.
urinary retention
Instruct client to rise slowly from sitting or lying position; wait to ambulate until no longer dizzy or light-headed
orthostatic hypotension

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