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Alya's chemistry


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Define a molecular formula.
A molecular fromula is a formula taht gives actual numbers of atoms in a molecule.
Define an imperical formula
A formula that gives the smallest whole number ratio of atoms in a compound.
Which group (1 or 2) is more thermally stable?
Group 1 because the metal iron has one positive charge rather than a double charge.
What is the test of test 4 : S2?
It is a colourless acidic gas that turns damp universal indicator paper red.
What are the steps of mass spectroscopy?
(1) vapouraization
(2) Ironisation
(3) acceleration
(4) deflection
(5) detection.
An imperical formula is one that gives the smallest whole number ration of ... in a ...
What is the method of measuring temperature change to find the enthalpy of a reaction?
Using a bomb calorimeter.
Define the standard enthalpy change of formation?
The enthalpy change that takes place when one mole of compound is formed from its elements under standard conditions.
What are the standrd conditions of an accurate reaction connected with an enthalpy chane?
298 calvin and 1 atmosphere.
What is Hess's Law?
Hess's Law states : 'The Enthalpy change of a reaction is independent of the route it takes.

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