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American History Test (Ch 1-5)


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Bacon's Rebellion
-caused by freemen who wanted indians land to farm tobacco
-fighting broke out in virginia where 30 indians were killed; indians killed 300 in retaliation
-bacon himself was thrown in jail and 32 followers were killed (berkley, gov at the time had told bacon not to do it and because he did berkley punished him)
-rebellion led to giving people back voting rights and people wanted slaves more
Olaudah Equiano
published the "interesting narrative" an account of his own enslavement and a hint at the stories that might have been told by thousands of silent slaves
Boston Tea Party
-dartmouth satin harbor for 20 days and on the last day it was allowed to be in port 150 colonists dressed as indians and dumped 342 chests of tea into boston harbor
-thomas hutchinson, gov, promised he would get the tea boat but before he could they dumped it
Boston Massacre
-a soldier was enticed and called for back up
-preston sent 7more soldiers and somone shot into the crowd killing 5 people
-preston and his men where tried in court but let off
-colonists used as propoganda against england
Coercive Acts
Intolerable Acts
*result of boston tea party
-boston port act closed boston's harbor
-massachussetts gov act altered mass charter and banned town meetings
-impartial administration of justice act was where officials were accused of capital crime and were tried in england
-quartering act was where people had to house soldiers
-quebec act gave them disputed land in the ohio river valler
Mayflower Compact
pilgrims in the plymouth colony
-says that the colonists agreed to live together and form all necessary governments and laws
-elected william bradford as gov
-written the day they arrived
Son's of Liberty
-protesters against the stamp act
-their plan called for a large street demonstration, a mock execution of andrew oliver
-committed boston tea party
-organized the british
-brought about more schools
-period of exploration and emphasis on rational thought
-people started to talk about laws of nature and wanted to understand them
-enfluenced american patriots
-had a large impact on the colonies
-brought about the development of the social contract threory
-the gov is supposed to rule for the good of the people and that individuals had certain rights of life, liberty, and property
Virtual Representation
British say that the colonists were virtually represented by those members in parliment who trated with the colonists
-colonists were not convinced that they had no real representation
-founded by the virginia company
-founded to make money
-settled by single men
-first men that came were nobles who did not work
-tobacco was introduced there which saved jamestown
Pontiac's Rebellion
-influenced by neolin's vision of getting rid of the colonists
-indians are stopped and pontiac pledges allegiance to britian
-brings about the proclamation line of 1763
spanish conquers helped with spanish spread
-king and queen promised land and money and slaves to people who would never conquer land for the spanish
Salem Witch Trials
Started as a way to justify super natural powers
-things that couldnt be explained were blamedon either god or the devil
-tituba, slave girl, was the first one accused
-used spectrical evidence
-reflects the puritan mindset and demonic forces at work in the world
English Reform
-broke away because the people wouldnt allow him to divorce his wife
-when henry the 8th broke away from the catholic church to form the anglican church so that he could divorce his wife
-changed the church doctrine
-henry's daughter changes the doctrince even more
-created more calvanists
Treaty of Paris (1763)
-ended the french and indian war
-east of mississippi went to british
-west went to spanish
-indians were left out of the treaty

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