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All science 5th grade


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Digestion begins as you ________ your food.
Chewing breaks food into _______ pieces.
_______ moisten food and starts to break starchy foods into _______.
Saliva, sugar
When you ________, food travels down the ________ to the stomach.
swallow, esophagus
The stomach contains ______ juice that contains ______ and chemicals to break down proteins.
Gastric, acid
After several hours in the _______, partially digested food moves onto _______.
stomach, nutrients
______: projections sticking out of walls in the small intestine.
Nutrients ______ through the villi into the blood.
_______ food passes from the small intestine to the ___________.
Undigested, large intestine
Water and ________ diffuse through the blood , and _____ are removed from the body.
minerals, wastes
The liver produces a ______, which is stored in the ________.
bile, gallbladder
Bile breaks ____ down into smaller pieces that can be more easily digested.
The ________ produces a fluid that neutralizes stomach _____ and chemicals that help finish the ________>
Pancreas, acid, digestion
Liquid blood is called ____.
Solid bloood contains ___ and ____ blood cells.
Red and White.
Red blood cells absorb _____ from air in the _____ and transports it to every cell in the body.
oxeegyn, lungs
white blood cells fight _________ by destroying virsues and ______.
infection, bacteria
Platlets cause blood to _____ and repair blood vessels.
The heart is made up of _______ tissue,which pumps the ____ through blood vessels.
muscle, blood
The hear has _______ chambers.
Oxegyn-rich blood is pumped from the ______ through two of the hearts chamber and into the ______.
lungs, body
Oxegy-poor blood is punped from the _____ through two of the hearts chambers and into the _____.
body, lungs
Blood travels through blood _______.
blood leaves the heart through ________ which leadd to capillaries.
blood returns to the heart through ______.
ammonia is carried by the blood to the _______, where it is changed to ____.
liver, urea
Urea is carried by blood to the _______.
Kidneys are located behind the ______ and the ______.
liver, stomach
In the kidneys, urea and water are ________ into tubes called ________.
diffused, nephrons
Urine flows from the kidneys into tubes ________.
Urine is made of _____ and _____.
urea, water.
Ureters empty into the ______.
Urine leaves the body through a channel called the _______.
heat is a type of ____ thast needs to leave the body.
Evaporation pulls _____ from the ________ just below the skin.
heat, capillaries
The _______ and entire body is cooled
Plasma contains dissolved _______ and ______ products(carbon dioxide)
nutrients, waste

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