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Voc. List 4


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Arduous (adj)
Rectitude (n)
rightness of principle or conduct; moral virtue
Draft (v)
gulp or swallow
Trifling (adj)
unimportant; shallow
Unremitting (adj)
not stopping; persistent
Facilitate (v)
to make easier
Subsequent (adj)
following; occurring or coming later
Eradicate (v)
Humility (n)
the quality or state of being humble (not proud or arrogant)
Contrary (adj)
opposite in nature or character; stubbornly opposed or willful
Enumeration (n)
a catalog or list
Annex (v)
to attach, add or incorporate
Habitude (n)
a habitual tendency or way of
Affluence (n)
abundance of money, property
and other material goods
Aphorism (n)
a brief, cleverly worded statement that makes a wise observation about life

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