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Human Behavior 2


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Define Eclecticism and why it is important.
The process of making your own system by borrowing from two or more other systems.

It is important because psychologists tend to borrow from other theories to make their own combination.
What is the Neurobiological Approach?
Viewing behavior as the reseult of nervous system functions and biology.
What is an advantage of using the Neurobiological Approach?

What is a disadvantage?
An advantage would be that it is easier to diagnose with this approach and that medicene can help make the process faster and more helpful.

A disadvanatage would be that there are physical changes and side affects and that sometime the diagnosis is too quickly made.
What is the definition of the Behavioral Approach?
Viewing behavior as the product of learning and associations.
Who were the behaviorists associated with the Behavioral Approach?
B.F. Skinner and John B. Watson.
What are the advantages and disadvantages with the Behavioral Approach?
Advantages-There is support and evidence for this theory.

Disadvantages- It takes away a person's "free-will" by saying that everything we do is a result of a past experience. It leaves no room for "impulse".
What is the Humanistic Approach?
Believing that people are basically good and capable of helping themselves.
Who is associated with the Humanistic Approach?
Carl Rogers.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Humanistic Approach?
Advantages- It is popular and a very positive approach

Disadvantages- It's too good to be true.
What is the definition of the Psychoanalytic Approach?
A system of viewing the individueal as the product of the unconscious forces.
Who is associated with the Psychoanalytic Approach?
Sigmund Freud.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Psychoanalytic Approach?
Advantages-Many feelings can be studied, not just sex and agressions. Perception, thinking, and memory can all be studied through this approach.

Disadvantages- Freud's theory is too negative by itself.
What is the Cognitive Approach?
Emphasizing how humans use mental processes to handle problems or develop certain personality charecteristics.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cognitive Approach?
Advantage-It can help us replace our negative thoughts with positive help.

Disadvantages- It downplays the effects of emotions and doesn't give enough credit to the complexity of human emotions.
What is the sociocultural Appraoch?
Behavior views as strongly influenced by the rules and expectations of specific spocail groups or cultures.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Sociocultural Approach?
Advantages- It can be used in every aspect of psychology

Disadvantages- How to counsel people from different cultures than our own.

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