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Spanish Verbs, Present yo-form changes


undefined, object
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to pick up, clear
recoger ,- jo ,recoj- , ,
to protect
proteger ,- jo ,protej- , ,
to know, know how to, find out
saber ,-é ,sep- ,sup- ,sabr-
to see
ver ,-eo ,ve- , ,
to put, to place
poner ,-go ,pong- ,pus- ,pondr-
to arrange, prepare
disponer ,-go ,dispong- ,dispus- ,dispondr-
to predispose
predisponer ,-go ,predispong- ,predispus- ,predispondr-
to make, build, do
hacer ,-go ,hag- ,hic- ,har-
to satisfy
satisfacer ,-go ,satisfag- ,satisfic- ,satisfar-
to undo, unpack, destroy
deshacer ,-go ,deshag- ,deshic- ,deshar-
to decompose
descomponer ,-go ,descompong- ,descompus- ,descompondr-
to expose
exponer ,-go ,expong- ,expus- ,expondr-
to impose
imponer ,-go ,impong- ,impus- ,impondr-
to suppose, mean
suponer ,-go ,supong- ,supus- ,supondr-
to opose
oponer ,-go ,opong- ,opus- ,opondr-
to exit, leave
salir ,-go ,salg- , ,saldr-
to postpone
posponer ,-go ,pospong- ,pospus- ,pospondr-
to prevent, warn
prevenir ,-go ,preveng- ,previn- ,prevendr-
to be worth something
valer ,-go ,valg- , ,valdr-
to say, tell
decir e-i ,-go ,dig- ,dij- ,dir-
to curse, cuss
maldecir e-i ,-go ,maldig- ,maldij- ,
to contradict
contradecir e-i ,-go ,contradig- ,contradij- ,
to get, obtain
obtener e-ie ,-go ,obteng- ,obtuv- ,obtendr-
to detain
detener e-ie ,-go ,deteng- ,detuv- ,detendr-
to circumvent
circunvenir e-ie ,-go ,circunveng- ,circunvin- ,circunvendr-
to have
tener e-ie ,-go ,teng- ,tuv- ,tendr-
to come
venir e-ie ,-go ,veng- ,vin- ,vendr-
to entertain
entretener e-ie ,-go ,entreteng- ,entretuv- ,entretendr-
to intervene
intervenir e-ie ,-go ,interveng- ,intervin- ,intervendr-
to maintain
mantener e-ie ,-go ,manteng- ,mantuv- ,mantendr-
to contain
contener e-ie ,-go ,conteng- ,contuv- ,contendr-
to sustain
sostener e-ie ,-go ,sosteng- ,sostuv- ,sostendr-
to abstain from
abstenerse e-ie ,-go ,absteng- ,abstuv- ,abstendr-
to convene
convenir e-ie ,-go ,conveng- ,convin- ,convendr-
to extinguish
extinguir gu-g,-go ,exting- , ,
to have, exist [auxiliary verb]
haber ,he ,hay- ,hub- ,habr-
to fall
caer ,-igo ,caig- ,3rd i-y,
to bring, cause
traer ,-igo ,traig- , ,
to hear
oír ,-igo ,oig- ,3rd i-y,
to attract
atraer ,-igo ,atraig- ,atraj- ,
to extract
extraer ,-igo ,extraig- ,extraj- ,
to contract
contraer ,-igo ,contraig- ,contraj- ,
to distract
distraer ,-igo ,distraig- ,distraj- ,
to spy, spy on
espiar ,-ío ,espí- , ,
to expatriate
expatriar ,-ío ,expatrí- , ,
to repatriate
repatriar ,-ío ,repatrí- , ,
to spray, sprinkle, wash down
rociar ,-ío ,rocí- , ,
to send
enviar ,-ío ,envi-, ,
to guide, lead
guiar ,-ío ,guí- , ,
to divert, deflect, swerve, turn away
desviar ,-ío ,desví- , ,
to confide, trust, rely
confiar ,-ío ,confí- , ,
to insist, perservere
porfiar ,-ío ,porfí- , ,
to cool, chill, grow cold
resfriar ,-ío ,resfrí- , ,
to cool, make cool, get chilled
enfriar ,-ío ,enfrí- , ,
to challenge, dare, face up to
desafiar ,-ío ,desafí- , ,
to bring up, raise, breed
criar ,-ío ,crí- , ,
to grant amnesty
amnistiar ,-ío ,amnistí- , ,
to photograph, take pictures
fotografiar ,-ío ,fotografí- , ,
to distrust
desconfiar ,-ío ,desconfí- , ,
to empty
vaciar ,-ío ,vací- , ,
to ski
esquiar ,-ío ,esquí- , ,
to laugh
reír e-i ,-ío ,rí- , ,
to smile
sonreír e-i ,-ío ,sonrí- ,3rd e-i,
to be afflicted
afligir ,-jo ,aflij- , ,
to demand
exigir ,-jo ,exij- , ,
to take, sieze, hold, catch
coger ,-jo ,coj- , ,
to direct, lead, manage
dirigir ,-jo ,dirij- , ,
to feign, fake
fingir ,-jo ,finj- , ,
to choose, pick
escoger ,-jo ,escoj- , ,
to elect, select, choose
elegir e-i ,-jo ,elij- ,3rd e-i,
to correct
corregir e-i ,-jo ,corrij- ,3rd e-i,
to give
dar ,-oy ,d´- ,di ,
to be
ser ,-oy ,se- ,fui ,
to go
ir ,-oy ,vay- ,fui ,
to act, act as
actuar ,-úo ,actú- , ,
to evacuate
evacuar ,-úo ,evacú- , ,
to graduate
graduar ,-úo ,gradú- , ,
to insinuate
insinuar ,-úo ,insinú- , ,
to evaluate
evaluar ,-úo ,evalú- , ,
to continue
continuar ,-úo ,continú- , ,
to conclude
concluir ,-yo ,concluy- ,3rd i-y,
to flee, run away
huir ,-yo ,huy- ,3rd i-y,
to diminish
disminuir ,-yo ,disminuy- ,3rd i-y,
to exclude
excluir ,-yo ,excluy- ,3rd i -y,
to include
incluir ,-yo ,incluy- ,3rd i-y,
to influence, act on
influir ,-yo ,influy- ,3rd i-y,
to attribute
atribuir ,-yo ,atribuy- ,3rd i-y,
to substitute
sustituir ,-yo ,sustituy- ,3rd i-y,
to constitute, represent, form
constituir ,-yo ,constituy- ,3rd i-y,
to construct, build
construir ,-yo ,construy- ,3rd i-y,
to contribute
contribuir ,-yo ,contribuy- ,3rd i-y,
to distribute
distribuir ,-yo ,distribuy- ,3rd i-y,
to destroy
destruir ,-yo ,destruy- ,3rd i-y,
to instruct
instruir ,-yo ,instruy- ,3rd i-y,
to obstruct, block
obstruir ,-yo ,obstruy- ,3rd i-y,
to flow (words, liquid)
fluir ,-yo ,fluy- ,3rd i-y,
to age, grow old
envejecer ,-zco ,envejezc- , ,
to establish (limits, a dialog)
establecer ,-zco ,establezc- , ,
to remain, stay, endure
permanecer ,-zco ,permanezc- , ,
to disappear
desaparecer ,-zco ,desaparezc- , ,
to be born
nacer ,-zco ,nazc- , ,
to get dark, be somewhere by dark
anochecer ,-zco ,anochezc- , ,
to produce
producir ,-zco ,produzc- ,produj- ,
to offer
ofrecer ,-zco ,ofrezc- , ,
to deserve, merit
merecer ,-zco ,merezc- , ,
to suffer, be subjected to, experience
padecer ,-zco ,padezc- , ,
to enrich, grow rich, become rich
enriquecer ,-zco ,enriquezc- , ,
to lack
carecer ,-zco ,carezc- , ,
to seem, appear, resemble
parecer ,-zco ,parezc- , ,
to go mad, drive mad
enloquecer ,-zco ,enloquezc- , ,
to dawn, get light, wake up at dawn
amanecer ,-zco ,amanezc- , ,
to thank for, be grateful fo
agradecer ,-zco ,agradezc- , ,
to translate
traducir ,-zco ,traduzc- ,traduj- ,
to belong, pertain, concern
pertenecer ,-zco ,pertenezc- , ,
to ignore, not know, fail to recognize
desconocer ,-zco ,desconozc- , ,
to introduce
introducir ,-zco ,introduzc- ,introduj- ,
to deduce
deducir ,-zco ,deduzc- ,deduj- ,
to reduce
reducir ,-zco ,reduzc- ,reduj- ,
to induce, persuade, instigate
inducir ,-zco ,induzc- ,induj- ,
to drive, conduct
conducir ,-zco ,conduzc- ,conduj- ,
to show up, appear
aparecer ,-zco ,aparezc- , ,
to grow, grow up
crecer ,-zco ,crezc- , ,
to know, meet
conocer ,-zco ,conozc- , ,
to flower, bloom, flourish
florecer ,-zco ,florezc- , ,
to obey
obedecer ,-zco ,obedezc- , ,
to exercise, perform
ejercer ,-zo ,ejerz- , ,
to convince
convencer ,-zo ,convenz- , ,
to twist, bend
torcer o-ue ,-zo ,tuerz- , ,

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