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Chapter 6,7


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France was a late commer- when it finally got here, what were the characteristics?
(Location, leader, allys, foes)
1) Established at Quebec
2) Samuel de Champlain
3) Friendly relations with Hurons
4) Enmity with Iroquois
What was the government like in New France?
Direct control of the king (Autocratic)

People elected no one, no trial by jury
How did France prosper?
(valuble resource,what distances were covered)
-Missouri, Rockies, Spanish Texas
Robert La Salle
(Where he went, what was he important for)
-New Orleans
-Tapped fur and grain trade
Peace of Utrecht
(what did it do, who got what, what was won)
-Ended Queen Anne's War
-Brits got French land (Imp: Hudson bay)
-Won limited trading rights in Spanish America
War of Robert Jenkins
(who vs who, what is it)
-Britain/Spain vs France
-Land Squabble for Nova Scotia
Austrian Succesion
(who allied w. whom, what was captured)
-France allied with spain
-New Englanders captured French fortress of Louisbourg
Ohio valley confrontations
(who vs who, why was it critical, who was sent, who won)
-French vs. Brits
-Critical area for france, linked their canadian holdings to Miss. valley
-George Washington sent
-French surrounded ft. necessity, FRENCH WON
What did the French/ Indian war lead to
Seven Year's war
Act of intercolonial Unity
Intercolonial congress in Albany NY
What did the intercolonial congress of NY do
(purpose, leader)
-Keep Iroquois chiefs loyal to Brits
->therefore leading to the common defense against france
-Benjamin Franklin
Edward Braddock
(position, goal, winner)
-Genral w/ French/Indian war
-Wanted to capture Ft Duquesne
-Indians kicked his ass
William Pitt
(position, idea, action, significance)
-Brit sec. of state
-Came up with strategy to cut the big guys off from french (Quebec & Montreal)
-Put a blistering seige on Louisbourg
-First significant victory
James Wolfe
(what side, who vs who, result)
-Quebec chose
-Brits vs French
-French Defeated, peace of Paris
Peace of Paris
(what was it, result)
-French power kicked out
-Great Brit emerged as dominant power in NAmerica
Results of French/Indian War
-Bostered self esteem
-Shatterd myth of Brit invincibility
Reasons for intercolonial disunity
-conflicting regions
-colonial government
result of treaty of paris
-Ended 7 years war
-France lost Canada and New Orleans
Pontiac Uprising
-Drive Brits out of Ohio country
Proclamation of 1763
-Prohibited settlement in area beyond Appalacians
-used to work out indian probelms
War of Jenkins's ear
Land squabble between Brit and Spain over GA and trading rights

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