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US History 2: The 20's


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3 examples of "foreign" ideasin the 1920's
1)wellfare, 2) communism, 3) immigration
traditionalists view on economy, and what threatens this in the 20s?
believe in capitalism: Working hard to earn your way to the top..communism threatens this system
traditionalists veiw on religion and what threatens this in the 20s
Traditionalists= protestant, catholics thought of as unamerican because they were ruled over by the pope
traditionalists view on science
zthey believed in fundemental creationism, threatened by evolution and freud
traditionalists view on immigration
fundementalists pushed for the assimilation of immaigrants
traditionalists view on women and what challenged it
Fundementals said women are home makers and men worked to support the family; young women challenged this with the flapper style and a push for birth control
traditionalists view on blacks
jazz was sinful and blacks should learn their place
The red scare
the belief that communists were coming to our country and bringing with them their radical ideas and spreading them, especially to labor unions
bolshevick rebellion
In China, a group of people organized a communist government and pulled out of the war.
FBI raids called _______ did what? lead by ______
Palmer raids; raided many people's houses that could be possible
if the FBI found evidence of communism in your house, they would do what?
deport you to europe
Vacco and Vanzetti case
they were atheist italian anarchists who were accused of robbery and murder, but they may not have gottena fair trial b/c of the anti-immigrants/communism stuff goign on at the time
Three waves of immigration up to the 20's
1) for a long time, immigration to america was only from northern and western europe. they blended in easily.
2) Then, another wave of immigrants came, and they were from EASTERN europe (poles, russians, etc.) they didnt blend in so easily (bc of language/religion/etc)
3) The last wave came from 1920-1921, or Southern and Eastern Europeans. HUGE numbers.
The Emergency quota of 1921
>3% of the 1910 census were allowed in.
>quota targeted southern and eastern europeans
>allowed more than they wanted in
Immigration act of 1924
>2% of the 1980 census
> stayed in place until the 1960's
>kept so many ppl out, that by the 1920's, more people were leaving than coming into the country.
One GOOD impact of the immigration act?
it standardized the american culture
18th amendment
Prohibition...enforced by the volstead act
volstead act
enforced the 18th amendment
what did the 18th amendment make illegal?
the buying, distribution, selling, or transportation of alcohol
social impact of prohibition
split the drys from the wets (dry= rural bible people) (wets= urban city people), also made the divide between the poor and the rich seem bigger becuase the rich could afford alcohol
Impact of WW1 on prohibition
sped it up because soldiers needed grain to eat, and most alcohol then was made out of grain
Gansters and prohibition
made money off of it by smuggling alcohol in from mexico and canada
main reason prohibition ended?
the great depression needed the extra jobs it created
Impact of the war on race relations in the 20's
whites went off to fight, so blacks worked the factories. when whites came home, they wanted their jobs back, so many blacks were cheated out of their jobs.
2 approaches to equality
1) NAACP (National American Assiciation of colored people)= let the two races mix. the more whites are exposed to blacks, the more they will come to see them as equals
2) UNIA: United Negro Improvement Association= integration wont work. only through economic success can blacks ever become equal to whites. let them start their own business or make their own country.
leader of the UNIA
Marcus Garvey
Harlem Renaisance
New age of black jazz singers
Not a secret, and call themselves defenders of traditional america.
Big advances in education:
compulsory education (you have to go), public education (payed for through taxes)
John Dewey
father of progressive education, teachers should make teaching their life's goal, etc.
Religion vs. Science controversey
education, psychology, age of Earth
Scopes Trial
John Scopes taught evolution in school and got in trouble. CONVIVTED but eventually let off
Prosecutor in Scopes trial
William Jennings Bryan
Defence Attourney in Scopes trial
Clarence Darrow; made it about academic freedom and science
Leopold and Loeb Trial
poor little rich boys that killed a 14 year old kid...first trial ever to use freudian psychology as a defense. DARROW defended
early automobile
Henry Ford
model "T" (reliable)
assembly lines ever ten seconds
standardized parts!!!!!!!!!!!
3 main: Ford, General motors, and Chrystler
effect of the automobile
boots steel, rubber, and glass industry, creates jobs for roads, creates toll roads, united the country more
social affect of the car
youth got more freedom they so desired
food and drinks get to a wider market
urban sprawl: expansion of the cities
need for laws and regulation
Sports and factors of its popularity in the 20's
3 main: college football (notre dame), wrestling, and BASEBALL!.
radio let people who arent THERE know whats going on
more $ and leisure time
Heroes: babe ruth (saved baeball after the black sox scandal), yankees very good
1920's movie industry
biggest change= sound!
standardizes our country's morals and fashions
illegal drinking/gambling/protitution night clubs
Flight industry
Wright brothers= first flight
Howard Hughes: Very rich, makes air travel for everyone by founding the TWA
barnstormers: air stunters
Charles Lindburgh: first trans atlantic flight
Sexual revolution in the 1920's
before: very hush hush
now: Sanger and freud.

Sanger= advocate of birth control
Freud= sexual theories

modern woman= flappers
mindset by the 30's
you control what is right of wrong for you, individualism
Literary Liberation of the 20's
diverse background of writers
ex: F Scott Fitzgerald, Zora Neale Hurston.
Bull Market economy of the 20's
Prices always going up, people buying more and more stock

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