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8th Grade Georgia Mathematic Standards Math Terms


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additive inverse
Two numbers with a sum of zero.
alternate exterior angles
Nonadjacent exterior angles found on opposite of the transversal.
alternate interior angles
Nonadjacent interior angles found on opposite sides of the tranversal.
arithmetic sequence
A sequence of numbers in which each term after the first is the result of adding a fixed number (called the common difference) to the previous term.
complementary angles
Two angles whose measures add to equal 90 .
corresponding angles
Pairs of nonadjacent angles that lie on the same side of a transversal of two lines and in corresponding positions.
A number that shows how many times a base number is used as a factor.
A relationship in which each member of the domain is paired with exactly one member of the range. A number of a domain is an input and the related number of the range is an output.
The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle.
Mathematical sentence that contains or uses one of the symbols <, >, , , or =.
irrational number
A number that can be represented by a nonrepeating, nonterminating decimal.
The two shorter sides of a right triangle. Either of the two sides that form the right angle of a right triangle.
like terms
Expressions that contain the same variables.
linear equation
Any equation whose graph is a straight line.
multiplicative inverse
The reciprocal of a number.
Pythagorean Theorem
In any right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs.
a + b = c
radical sign
The symbol used to indicate a nonnegative square root.
rational number
Any number you can write as a quotient of two integers a/b, where b is not zero.
A set of ordered pairs.
Scientific notation
A way of reexpressing a number so that it is written as the product of a number greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10, and a power of 10.
A set of numbers that follow a pattern.
significant digits
Digits that represent an actual measurement.
A ratio that represents the tilt of a line (the change in y to the corresponding change in x).
square root
A number that when multiplied by itself equals the given number.
One of the two equal factors of a number.
supplementary angles
Two angles whose sum of their measures is 180 .
system of linear equations
Two or more linear equations.

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