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The following quantitative measurements can be made using an arterial Doppler spectral waveform?
Peak systolic velocity
Resistive Index
End diastolic Velocity
The electraonic device that breaks down a Doppler signal into its basic frequency components is a:
Spectrum analyzer (FFT)
The reduction in intensity and amplitude of a sound beam as it passes through a medium is called:
Which of the hemodynamic parameters are directly observable using Doppler technology?
Presence of flow
Flow velocity
Flow directon
The units used to measure ultraound intensity are:
All of the following characteristics of blood affects its flow:
Red blood cell content
Which Doppler technique must be used to obtain quantitative information of blood fow velocity?
Pulse Doppler
The Doppler shift is defined as the:
Difference between transmitted frequency and the receiveved frequency
As frequency increases in a sound wave; wavelength:
Acoustic impedance is defined as:
Product of velocity and density
Which factors will affect the intensity of the Doppler shift?
Quanity of scatters present in fluid.
Frequency of transmitted sound.
Difference in acoustic impedande.
The Dopppler effect is best characterized as a chante in:
An ultrasound transducer receives an echo whose frequency is 0.25MHz greater than the frequency emitted. The imaging system will display this information:
Above the baseline on the frequency spectrum
On a Doppler spectral display, which paraneter is displayed on the X (horizontal) axis?
The characteristics of a medium that determine propagation speed of ultrasound through it are:
The number of wavelenghts passing a given point in a single second is called:
A structure that has a varied-texture throughout may be described sonographically as:
The tendency of a body to stay at rest unless acted upon by a force is the definition of:
In a spectral waveform displaying arterial flow, the horizontal (x) axis represents:
The cardiac cycle
A very light, lowly saturated color displayed in the center portion of a artery using color Doppler imaging represents:
Relatively low velocity flow

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