Glossary of wheelock 19

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argumentum, argumenti n
proof, evidence, argument
auctor, auctoris m
increaser, author, origator
beneficium, beneficii n
benefit, kindness, favor
familia, familiae f
household, family
Graecia, Graecae f
iudex, iudicis m
judge, juror
iudicium, iudicii n
judgement, decision, opinion, trial
scelus, sceleris n
evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness
certus, certa, certum
definite, sure, certain, reliable
gravis, grave
heavy, weighty, serious, important, severe, grievous
immortalis, immortale
not subject to death, immortal
but,but, mind you, but, you say
if. . .not, unless, except
contra prep+acc
now, already, soon
delecto (1)
to delight, charm, please
libero (1)
to free, liberate
paro (1)
to prepare, provide, get, obtain

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