Glossary of the Fugue

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what is a fugue?
a style of composition in which three or more voices follow one another inn imitative manner
what is the subject?
the first voice to enter. after the entire subject is heard, the second voice enters, usu at a fifth above or below.
a countersubject?
while the second voice answers with the transposed subject, the original voice plays a countersubject against the second voice. Similarly, the third voice enters with the subject, usually at an octave above or below the main subject, while the other two voices continue with their countersubject, and free counterpoint
entraces of the first voice
subject, countersubject, free counterpoin
entrance of second voice
third voice
the opening section, containing all voices in their entirety
the first occurrence of the transposed subject
the main theme of the fuge
a different melody from the subject, which occurs at the same time as the subject
a sectioin in which the subject is not present, but instead is made up of new material, or motives based on the subject

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