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Techniques of Neutralization: (5)
1) Denials of Responsibility
2) Denials of Injury:
3) Denial of the Victim:
4) Appeals to higher loyalties
5) Condemning the condemners

b. Differential Social Power –
The idea that people have different amounts of social, different resources, and different access to resources.

Secondary Deviance
All deviant acts committed after the person has been officially labeled
2. Labeling propels someone from primary to secondary deviance

Tertiary deviance
. Person accepts the deviant id, it is their master status, but they reject the negative stigma associated with it
3. Embrace the subculture and the label but reject the negativity associated with these normalizing the deviant behavior

Degradation ceremonies
propels people from primary to secondary deviance, set of activities that official agents of social control force the deviant to endure in order to strip him/her of their individuality
Total Institutions
labeling influences how people view themselves, have a specific effect
moral enterprise campaign
the process through which deviance becomes created and defined.
Molluscum contagiosum

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