Glossary of tener expressions 2

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tener hambre
to be hungry
tener sed
to be thirsty
tener que
to have to
tener ganas de
to feel like
tener la culpa
to be guilty(at fault)
tener raz-o-n
to be right
no tener raz-o-n
to be wrong
tener celos/envidia
to be jealous
tener -e-xito
to be successful
tener suerte
to be lucky
tener sue~n~o
to be tired
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener miedo (de or a)
to be afraid (of)
tener verg:u:enza
to be ashamed
tener cuidado
to be careful
tener calor
to be warm, hot
tener fr'i'o
to be cold

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