Glossary of steelworker volume 2

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what is concrete composed of?
a mixture of cement, a fine aggregate (usually sand), a coarse aggregate(usually crushed stone or gravel) and water, all in the correct proprotions.
when does concrete reach its initial set, harden ot its final set and attain most of its potential strength
it attains its initial set in about 1 hr. and hardens to its final set in about 6 to 12 hrs under normal conditions; it reaches most of its potential strength after 28 days of moist curing
are most reinforcing bars rolled from new steel billet
yes: however, some are rolled from used railroad car axles, or from railroad rails cut into rollable shapes.
what do the number 60 and 75 indicate in the number system used to indicate the grade in marking high strength reinforcing bars
60 denotes 60,000 psi bar and 75 denotes 75,000 psi bar
when laying out guy ropes for erecting a gin pole, how long should they be
each one should be 4 times the length of the gin pole.
what type of block is the most convinent for lashing to the gin pole about 2 feet from the base of the pole, to serve as a leading block on the fall line allowing for a directional change of pull from vertical to horizontal
a snatch block
what is a block
a mechanical device consisting of one or more sheaves that are fitted within a wooden or metallic frame, supported by a shackle inserted into the strap of the block.
what is a tackle
An assemblage of blocks and line which are employed to gain a mechanical advantage in lifting and/or pulling.
what are simple and compound tackle systems
a simple tackle is an assembly of block in which a single line is used, whereas a compound tackle system is an assembly of blocks in which more than one line is used.
what is a sheave
a round grooved wheel over which the line runs in a block.
what is a becket
a metal loop formed at one or both ends of a block to which the standing part of the line is fastened.
what is a swallow
the opening in a block through which the line passes
what is a standing block
a block that is connected to a fixed object.
what is a fall
the fall is either a wire rope or fiber line reeved thorugh a pair of blocks to form a tackle.
what is a runner
a single sheave moveable block that is free to move along the line for which it is rove.

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