Glossary of sonata form

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what is a sonata?
a composition for piano or another insturment which has several separate sections called movements
what is the normal scheme for the movements of a sonata?
allegro, adagio, scherzo or minuet, allegro (or presto)
sonata allegro form
binary or ternary form, in a key different but closely related to that of the first movement (such as the dominant or relative minor)
shwerzo or minuet
ternary form (scherzo and trio or minuet and trio) in the same key as the first movement
allegro (or presto)
rondo form or variations, in the same key as the first movement
what is the first movement of a sonata ?
sonata allegro
theme I (tonic key), theme 2(dominant or related key)
motives based on themes 1 and 2 are developed in various ways
theme 1( tonic key), theme 2 (tonic key)

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