Glossary of sight word phrases 2

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we live in that one
every little one counts
I hurt it
Keep it in here
I am on my own
six or seven
I got it now
Please hold that for me
what is that
put it in the round one
I will fall again at eight
he can run far
there we go again
open that one now
clean and cut
look at me carry this
I went there
he was very good today
I can laugh and sing
this is very long
he is going away now
go through the woods
cut it up
what do you want to drink
clean that out
I can draw and write on it
what is that all about
bring it in here now
where do you live
I want to say thank you
show it to me
where did you pick that up
we were going there
I do not want any of that
I only want to say
pick that up
I came here once
I am just not well
start here
put it together
much of that
never let you go
much of it
fall down very far
wash it today
pick him up in his sleep
I am going to clean it
I am better
it is hot
if you want to
start to use them
not only her but him
this one is for you
look under that for her
it is full
I will grow up soon enough
I shall run
small or long
laugh at many of them
the hot one hurt me
I saw ten today
try it please
which kind do you want
the light is off
eight of them
drink it all
carry and bring
he has done it well

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