Glossary of psychology quiz 2

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signals to stop eating
high levels of glucose in blood, high levels of the hormone leptin, distension of stomch, external food cues.
the externality hypothesis
obese people are comparitively unresponsive to their own internal hunger state but are much more susceptible to signals from without.
external hypothesis:
In normal controls:
people's assessment of how hungry theey are depends on time since last meal, but not in obese people.
dieting to lose weight can cause:
a decline in basal metabolism (rate at which energy is burned up)
primary ways to lose weight
excersice, eat low fat
average american in the last 40 years:
gained 1 inch in height
gained 23 pounds
below 15% ideal body weight
(not whether you binge and purge, because that's 50/50)
fatality rate of anorexia
15-20%: highest of all psychiatric disorders
binge eating men:
binge eating disorder:
50% of obese binge eaters are depressed

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