Glossary of psych col. test 3 extras

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factors in adult IQ
verbal comprehension, perpetual organization
processing speed, working memory
perpetual organization
pictures, building blocks
processing speed
how fast you do it
working memory
repeating arithmetic numbers in your head
Gardener 's views **
musical,bodily/kinesthetic, spatial,verbal, logical, intra-personal, social
athletes know how to use body to anticipate and solve problems
puzzles, mechanics
Reaction Range model
you inherit and IQ range and your environment influences where you fall in that range- limits how far you can go
below 70 IQ when you're under 18
supressed, but can come into conciouss when thought about
Psychosexual stages
Oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
0-18 months- dependancy breastfeeding
2-3 yrs.
learn control, orderliness, cleanliness
4-6 yrs.
realize boys and girls diff. sexually, oedipal complex, penis envy, castration complex
oedipal complex
boy falls in love with mother
penis envy
girls want a penis, unconciously think theirs was cut off
castration complex
boy thinks that dad will cut off penis if he knows boy loves mom so boy decides to keep penis and find a girl like mom
7-11 yrs.
supression of sexual and agressive urges
12 + yrs.
mature sexually and in relationships
elektra complex
girl wants to be with her dad and hates her mom for taking her penis- decides to be like mom
At Oral stage
very gullible, will swallow anything, apt to oral addictions
At anal stage
depending on being toilet trained to early or too late become : anal retentive or anal expulsive
oral agressive
wasn't weaned enough- bite anything- use mouth as a weapon- argue verbally
anal retentive
trained to early : orderly, stingy, stubborn, controlling
anal expulsive
trained to late: no regard for rules or control, do opposite of told
Reaction formation
person converts an unacceptable impulse into the opposite impulse (ex: do you have a crush on them? no I hate them)
turns an unacceptable impulse into something socially acceptable (want to play with feces, be a sculptor)
People find reasons for their actions to reduce anxiety
NEO scale of personality
measures the "big 5" traits
Locus of control
internal (you control what happens to you)
external(you beleive fate or bad luck controls what happens to you)
Sensation seeking
high sensation (risk taker, needs stimulation)
low sensation(predictable, not exciting)
- sensation seeking decreases as you get older
high sensation
low arousal
low sensation
high arousal
Type A personality
angry people, perfectionists
-hostile people more at risk of heart disease
Self Complexity
The number of roles you have and the complexity of each role (mother, PTA, sister)
worrying about yourself
Worrying about a group/community
underlying biological vulnerability based on genetics
Major Depress. stats
women are twice as likely to have major depression
a less severe type of depression- double depression
borderline personality disorder
screwed up self concepts, extreme fluxuation in emotion- can't keep relationships
Paranoid Schizo.
delusions- comes on slowly- looks like the person is functioning- believe persecution and grandeur
Catatonic excitement
out of control- crazy
catatonic immobility
person shuts down- doesn't talk or respond
waxy flexibility
maintaining of unusual body positions for long periods of time
mimicking someone- repeating everything they say
broad definition for schizo.
bizarre schizo.
person does bizarre things usually in public
symptoms clam down as you get older
ideas of reference
everything has meaning for you, think everything is about you
folly a deux
shared delusion (mother/daughter)
Schizo= Axis one
Personality dis.= Axis 2
become poor due to your schizophrenic symptoms and that's why ure found among the homeless
3-4 yrs. gradual decline into psychosis- get weirder and wierder until diagnosis
full blown schizo. has all te symptms
persistant thought that cannot be controlled
and intentional behavior that occurs in response to a thought

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