Glossary of psych 101-125

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galvanic skin response
physiological measure of skin's ability to conduct electricity; used in polygraph
bundles of neurons found outside of brain and spinal cord
Gansfield Procedure
exp. deisgn lets people read others minds
Gate Control Theory of Pain
why and how a person can control amount of pain
when a study can be generalized to a larger population
genetoc coding
gestalt theory
the idea that human experience is best understood when we look at the big picture
glial cells
neural helper cells;move neurons, feed them, cary away debris
group therapy
cheaper, keep members honest, other victims help
individuals in a group are uncomfortable disagreeing, so a bad decision is made
gustatory sense
sense of taste
when you decrease your responsiveness to a repeated stimulus leading to boredom
Hans Seyle's General Adaptation Response
general reaction to stress: Alarm, Resistance, exhaustion
babys prefer warm mother to one with food
Hawthorne Effect
one effective way to increase worker productivity is pay more attention to them
quick and easy strategoes we employ to make quick and easy decisions: hindsight bias, availibility, fixation, overconfidence
Abraham Maslow
Hierarchy of needs
high self motivators, low self motivators
real conscious about how they come across to people, care less about other people
hindsight bias
after the fact, "i knew it all along"
bar graph
body's balance
Howard Gardner
seven kinds of intelligence
offspring of two different species
Role Enactment theory; dissociation theory
hypnotized person acting out role suggested by hynotherapist, hypnosis is a dissociation in which mind splits allowing one part to not experience pain

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