Glossary of plant cells 2

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smallest unit of life
what every cell has
all the machinery - working parts - it needs to support its life
the building blocks of all living things
shapes and sizes cells come in
a variety
special parts of cells
Are orginelles the same or different in all cells
What are orgenelles that plant cells all have
cytoplasm, cell membrane, nucleus, and cell wall
jelly-like material that organelles float or move in
cell membrane
allows the cell's waste to move out of the cell
what are 4 things the cell membrane does
allows the cell's waste to move out of the cell
lets food and water enter a cell
surrounds the cytoplasm
controls the movement of material in and out of the cell
holds the special information (code) that gives each cell its particular characteristics
cell wall
outside the cell membrane
provides plant with support and protection
cell wall

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